Well. Twenty fourteen is officially but a mere memory.
I’m hoping that some things don’t make it through to this year. Simply stay forgotten!
Specifically speaking of certain sayings that have become way too popular.
‘Turn down for what?’
Maybe, cause your’re too old to be acting like that.. Pretty damn good reason for you to turn down!
‘You mad or nawl?’
Well. Honestly. I wasn’t mad until you came over talking so stupidly.
‘Cray’ can stay in twenty fourteen. Actually. If you’re not even Kanye west, just freaking fuhgidaboudit!
‘Duh’. Oh please, oh please, oh please. Bury this word. Deep. Deep in the Atlantis!
I get how it started. As a shortcut in typing and texting. But. Whoever started speaking it deserves corporal punishment. This is one inventor I would like to go back in time and tase!
My guess is that this one comes from I guess verbally describing the visual of the act in question.
Yeah. My sentiments exactly. Just freaking say peace.
We won’t think you’re a Muslim.