Fellas. How many of y’all like ur woman wearing boy shorts?
Ok. Wait a minute. How many of y’all know what boy shorts are?
Don’t get me wrong. I like them too. I just wish they come up with a new name for them.
It just doesn’t sound sexy.
You know.
Not like thong. Or g string. Or booty shorts, even.
Put it like this. Ladies.
You at home. You got ur lingerie on. You smelling good. You laying across the bed waiting for your man to come out of the bathroom. And he does.
He’s looking good. So good. You start advancing towards him.
Then all of a sudden. This mofo says. ‘You like my new girl shorts?’ ‘Got them just for you. ‘
Sounds like it. Too. Girl shorts?
Tell me your mood doesn’t switch from 100 to zero. Real quick!
According to Wikipedia.
Boy shorts, are a kind of women’s underwear that goes all the way down the hips, named for their similarity in looks to men’s knit boxer shorts.
I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my boxers that tight. And I sure don’t want my woman’s panties looking too much like mine. Some even resemble men’s briefs, complete with fly and contrast trim. Boy shorts often cover most of the buttocks area, therefore keeping privacy at maximum while still having comfort.
I just wish they went back to the ever so popular, simple name. Booty shorts!