Do you still watch The Voice? If so, do you often wonder ‘where the heck did this singer come from’? I sure do. And I finally figured it out.

All of these new artists. Nine times out of ten, appeared on some show like The Voice.
You probably thought that they were just some overnight sensation, right? Well. Sort of. They spent a season or two climbing their way to the top of The Voice. Then BAM!

Even if they didn’t win, they got a deal somewhere. The major difference is, when they do win. Like recent winner, country singer Craig Wayne Boyd. Yes. The man with two and a half first names. Craig Wayne Boyd won. And as I began to say. When they do win, they get major press. They get promo out the wazoo. They get plastered over magazines, television and YouTube. And you can’t help but love them, at that point. America spoke. And you have to listen. To Craig Wayne Boyd.

So. Needless to say. Craig Wayne Boyd is the latest winner of The Voice. Craig Wayne Boyd is more than an overnight celebrity. America voted for him. Young girls from all over called in to cast their votes. Not for country. Not even for Craig Wayne Boyd. But for the dude with the long hair on team Blake. (No hashtag.)

Because. We all know how much young girls love dudes with long hair. Plenty. And they showed and proved that by voting for the dude with two and a half names.

If your little girl likes long hair, Two and a Half Names will surely put ‘a smile on her face.’ The winner of the seventh season Voice will do just that. I’m not a country music fan, but this dude with two and a half names has a nice few songs out. I, personally, myself, like the song, ‘I Walk the Line’.

And. Because I am my own editor, I’d like to take this opportunity to point out the fact that ‘I, personally, myself’ is a little redundant. It’s really simply three different ways of saying the same thing. In the one same sentence. I, personally, myself, like using it. I always liked hearing it being used. Now, I use it every chance I get. Maybe, Two and a Half Names will make a song of it.