Is it me or is it just coincidence that gas prices have dropped lower since Obama is on his way out of office?

Now, before you go bashing my boy, B, hear me out first.

Gas went up just as Barack was assuming responsibility of the country. The media and the government made it look like it was his fault gas was so high. Doesn’t seem strange to me that near his presidency end, gas prices are so low again. Likeably low. I mean, so low, Barry White would be jealous. Prices are so low, if they had eyes, the gas would be Asian. Catch my drift?

So, now. We have low gas prices, and nobody wants to credit our dear President. Could it be, the government is ashamed of such success. I mean, last election, we were told ‘if we wanted to pay ten bucks a gallon then Obama was our man.’

Well, I’m not the one to gossip. So, please, don’t say you heard it from me. But, this week’s national average is $2.39 per gallon. Hello. Republicans. What gives? LOL.