Kevin Hart. Is he truly “the funniest man alive’ right now?
Currently starring in five blockbuster movies. Yes, that’s right. Five. This year alone. Need I mention the list of the dozens of movies he has already appeared in. This may warrant the dubbing of Kevin Hart being ‘the funniest man alive’. Because each and every one of these movies is a knee slapper.
Although, some may even beg to differ that Kevin Hart is even funny enough to be ‘the funniest man alive’. Some might even go as far as to say an unknown comic by the name of Hannibal Burress should be dubbed ‘the funniest man alive’. Minus the movies, the TV show and the fame.
I love both of these comedians. While driving to nowhere, I can easily be found tuned into the Foxxhole, on Sirius XM. And you can bet your bottom dollar, at least once during every one of my drives to nowhere, I will hear one of these two comedians. And LMBAO. Really.
A lot of people do not even know Kevin Hart’s acting experience. They think Kevin Hart just popped out of a comedic ‘Jack in the Box’ and became this funny sensation overnight.
So far from the truth. Two years before the major release of ‘Soul Plane’ there was ‘Paper Soldiers’. Honestly. My favorite Kevin Hart movie ever. If you are anything like my other readers, who have not been blessed with the Kevin Hart introduction, as early as I have. Do yourself a favor. And rent ‘Paper Soldiers’.
At the tender comedic age of 35 and ticking, Kevin Hart has grabbed the attention of this comedy world and refuses to let go.
Shane Cooper